TTEAM for HorsesTTEAM for You and Your Horse

TTEAM is a wonderful way to work with your horse. This very effective technique can help you to achieve your goals with optimal performance and health while helping you to have a deeper connection with your horse. TTEAM offers a training approach that encourages understanding and communication. Looking for the cause of problems rather than dealing with the symptoms creates opportunities for unique solutions to common training and behavior problems. Horses that have experienced TTEAM demonstrate marked improvement in disposition and athletic skills as well as increased willingness and ability to perform.

The TTEAM approach, a combination of Tellington TTouch and various ground and riding exercises, enables a horse to override old patterns and to learn without fear or force. TTEAM creates better self-control, confidence, and cooperation.

Debby doing ear work on a horseTTEAM isn’t just for problem horses. Starting foals with TTEAM gives them the best possible start regardless of what their future job will be. Older horses can be much more comfortable with a little TTEAM in their lives. Debby's horse, Sunny, spent his 40 years (yes 40) with her enjoying the benefits of TTEAM in his very comfortable old age.

Have more fun with your horse as you experience a new level of partnership and a safe and effective solution to problems.

TTEAM can help horses with behavioral and health related issues such as:

  • soreness and stiffness
  • colic, illness or injury
  • nervousness or tension
  • inconsistent performance
  • resistance to the vet or farrier
  • trailering problems
  • resistance to grooming or saddling
  • stubbornness or laziness
Debby with Ryuma Hirata, Japanese Olympic Rider

Debby with Ryuma Hirata,
Japanese Olympic Rider

What People Are Saying about TTEAM for Horses

"I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I was referred to you by a friend. My horse had started bucking and shying and my friends told I should just make her do what I wanted. I was so happy to learn that the reason she was reactive was that she had pain in her back and there were TTEAM techniques I could use to help her. Our rides and our relationship are so much better. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us."
- Gail S.
"Wow, I am so impressed with how much easier my horse cooperated with the vet and farrier after our sessions. He had been fearful and difficult to handle at these times. It is so nice for both of us to be able to relax when we know an appointment is coming."
- Karen R.
"I am so happy to have attended your recent workshop. Your integrity, non-judgmental presence and mindfulness allowed for an incredible amount of information be to shared in a clear, useful manner. You have all the skills and charisma to be rightfully considered in the top trainers / clinicians. The amazing changes in the horses demonstrated how important TTEAM is for every horse."
- Jennifer H.