How Animal Communication Works


Roo - the dog that brought me to this work

Telepathy, ‘knowing’, intuition and empathy are all words that have been associated with animal communication. It is a bit like knowing that someone in particular is about to call you before the phone rings, or just knowing that your animal wants this or that. I am interested in quantum physics and wave theory, and I think that telepathy is actually thought waves that are being sent from one being’s ‘antenna’ to another. It works a bit like TV broadcast waves being caught by your satellite dish.

I communicate with animals all over the world, both ‘in person’ and from a distance. With thought waves, just like with radio waves, distance is no barrier to making a connection. While I very much enjoy meeting my human and animal clients personally, most of my private communication sessions are done by email and phone. Please refer to the Consultation page for more information.

In my view, animal communicators are not specially gifted people; anyone has the capacity to learn how to do it. By developing my own techniques, I learned how to communicate with animals in my late 30’s, and I spend much of my working time teaching people just like you to learn to do it too. To me, a communicator is different than a 'psychic'. Psychics tune into people or animals and learn things without necessarily having to ask questions. They sometimes 'see' things, like the future, past lives, auras and so on.

Learning animal communication takes diligence and practice, but what could be more fun than talking to animals? Consider taking, or sponsoring, an animal communication workshop, or learning through my in-home system, Making the Connection. If you don’t feel quite up to the challenge of learning to communicate yourself, why not schedule an animal communication session with me? They are interesting, enlightening and depending on the topic, are usually a lot of fun!