What people are saying about Animal Communication and Lauren McCall

CedricCedric's story: Every once in a while I receive wonderful, detailed feedback about how a communication with an animal has helped to bring a family together, often by solving a tricky problem. I thought I'd share Cedric's story with you, as one such example. We start with a summary testimonial from Cedric's friend and house sitter, Donna.

"Hi Lauren, Cedric, the cat decided to move into Julie’s home last year. As you know, Cedric was in terrible shape and shows physical signs of previous abuses. Julie had decided to just let him stay in her house as we felt terrible for him and we wanted him to feel safe. Unfortunately, that was when he started to use her leather sofa as his litter box, and nothing we did could stop him. Thankfully, the conversation you had with him that one time did the trick! We showed him a litter box that he could consider his own as he mentioned to you, and he has only had one accident since in more than six months! Julie has reorganized her home and created a guest room that Cedric has now claimed for his own, but he still goes to the litter box in the other room we gave him at your brilliant suggestion. This truly amazes us, but we have seen the incredible results of your communication with him for ourselves. None of us can thank you enough for taking care of this problem. It could have ended badly, and we know things are great now only thanks to you! Thank you very much from all of us!"
- Donna Shugrue, FL

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"The notch in Cedric's ear told me he was feral. I'd notice him hanging around my front garden in the afternoons. When I came home from work, he'd often be lounging on the driveway or sitting snoozing under the porch. He was still keeping his distance, but apparently getting more and more comfortable until one day, I realized he had actually moved in!

Things were going fine until I started to realize a recurring bad smell as if someone had missed the litter box. Eventually, I realized it wasn't coming from the boxes, but from the leather sofa. Some little bugger had peed the back of the sofa!! By a process of elimination, I determined that Cedric was the culprit. I cleaned the sofa thoroughly and deodorized it, which took considerable effort, but just when I thought I'd finally eradicated the smell, he did it again . . . it was driving me nuts!! I begged him to please stop and I put up barricades around the sofa to prevent him from climbing up there, covered it with blankets, cushions, magazines, plastic bags . . . but he was determined to make it his new bathroom.

I felt sorry for him of course, he was such a sad little soul, and he'd chosen my house because he felt safe there, but the smell was becoming dreadful and I was rapidly running out of patience. I've worked hard to keep the house odor free which isn't easy with multiple cats, but Cedric was making it impossible. Apart from ruining my sofa, he was making it impossible for me to invite guests into my home because of the lingering smell. I started to think I might have to take him to a shelter, but felt sure he would never be adopted, he was so pathetic, so I consulted my friend Donna who told me about a pet communicator called Lauren McCall, who might be able to help. All I needed to do was send her a picture of Cedric.

This sounded completely bizarre and I must admit, slightly ridiculous. How could she possibly help when she was thousands of miles away?! But I was desperate and willing to try anything, so I took a snapshot of Cedric and e-mailed it to her. A couple of days later, Donna told me that Lauren had spoken with Cedric and asked him a few questions such as 'Are you happy' (he wasn't sure - he was just OK, neither happy nor sad) and the she asked him why he was going to the bathroom on my sofa. Apparently he was a little confused about where exactly he was supposed to go. Perhaps with the other cats using the litter boxes, he was afraid to go there. She also said he had mentioned he felt as if he'd been abandoned, and this behavior might be in protest to that. Anyway, she explained to Cedric that he was living in my house now, which was fine, but that if he wanted to stay, he must obey the rules and learn to respect my stuff, which meant he was not to poop and pee on the sofa.

I was at work when Donna called me to relay the Lauren's conversation with Cedric. She told me that their conversation should have cleared up any misunderstandings and that from now on; Cedric would respect my things and go to the bathroom in the designated area. She suggested a set up a litter box especially for him and tell him it was for him. I went home that evening with this on my mind and when I opened the door, the strangest thing happened. Cedric, who would normally be cowering under the bed while the other cats clamored for my attention, was actually sitting up on the kitchen counter right by the entrance and as I stepped inside, he leaned forward and gave me a bit Meow!! I had never heard him make a sound before and he rarely came that close to me, unless by accident. But it was if he wanted to talk to me and tell me all about his conversation with Lauren.

I greeted him and asked if he was trying to tell me about the chat he'd had with the nice lady earlier that day. I fed all the cats, then immediately went a placed a new litter box in the room where Cedric spent most of his time. As I was setting it down, I told him it was for him to use and I would very much appreciate it of he would go to the bathroom there instead of on the sofa. And yes, you've guessed it, from that day till now, he has been using the litter box. He's still very timid and keeps himself to himself most of the time, but he ventures out to other parts of the house now, usually under the dining room table but more recently, he seems to enjoy lounging on the sofa, even while I'm sitting there.

I doubt he will ever be friendly, but thanks to Lauren, he is co-habiting with the rest of us and behaving himself, so I don't have to spend hours scrubbing the sofa or spraying it with Zero, and won't have to make that trip to the shelter, so for that, I can't thank her enough . . . and neither can Cedric!!"

- Julie Belton, FL

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Lollie, dog: (click on image to see larger view with hand written note)


Your graciousness has been invaluable and provided comfort for both Lollie and I during this deeply intimate and personal event of her going home.

From the both of us, thank you and blessings,


Image, horse: "The conversation you had with Image about his uncertainty with his balance has been scientifically validated. I do hair analysis on my horses every other year to see how they're doing. What I found out is that Image is toxic for Manganese. What are the symptoms? Ataxia. Loss of balance. At least I know now. He's already on some supplementation to help get this out of his system. Thank you for all of your great help along our path!!"
- Julianna Sowash, OR
PeeWeePeeWee, dog: "Lauren's visit with PeeWee shortly after he transitioned from his earth body was very comforting and invaluable as my shattered heart struggled to cope with his sudden departure. Her sensitive and compassionate nature, wisdom and depth of experience in communicating with the animal kingdom helped me to focus on issues and questions for PeeWee, his responses to which I refer to time and time again. Lauren and I get together periodically now to check in with PeeWee, and to visit with other animal members of my family, who are also coping with his transition. Lauren is extra-ordinary, and a wonderful human being for sharing her gifts with us."
- Jana Freedman, OR
GilbertGilbert and BB, rabbits: "I've had the privilege to utilize Lauren's communication talent with many of my rabbits. Many times, I want to find out why a rabbit is doing something or if he/she is finding a certain medical regime helpful. One such time is when my older bunny boy, Gilbert, was receiving acupuncture for hind leg weakness. He was doing really well but then all progress stopped. Through Lauren I was able to find out that Gilbert had grown tired of the travel to and from the vet (it's 30 minutes each way) and just wanted to be left alone. That was 6 months ago. He still enjoys life and seems to be a much calmer and happier bun.

I also used Lauren for my big bunny girl, Big Buns (aka BB), who was chewing up everything on the bookshelf. Through Lauren I found out that she was bored and would like a boyfriend. And, being the picky girl that she is, the boy should be white with black spots! I introduced BB to all sorts of boys but it wasn't until she met the white with black spots, Antonio Bundarez, that she fell in love. Now she doesn't chew anything she shouldn't because she's too busy lovin' up her boyfriend!!."
- Patricia Mulcahy, CA
Feral cats: "In my work with feral cats, Lauren's big picture view of our life with animals has helped me to see and achieve some balance. Being quite sensitive to the life and challenges presented to homeless animals, I have benefited in my process, with her help, to remember that I can't do it all, for everyone, all the time - and yet I can certainly do what is within my reach and abilities for those who show up and are in need. It's good to be reminded that everyone is on his or her own path - which may not always involve my intervention.

This perspective remains an important anchor in my animal rescue emotional toolbox. Lauren's contribution is important, at the very least, in my world -- and I value her communications and coaching."
- Ingrid Graudins, IL
Hubble, Nelson, Fred, cats: "Lauren, thank you so much. Over the years you have many times reassured The Boys (aka our three cats. Hubble, Nelson, Fred) that we would indeed be returning home from any travels, and that the cat-sitters would take care of them and honor their habits. Your conversations with them have been filled with kindness, humor, insight, and understanding. When Nelson and Fred passed away, your role as liaison was invaluable. You add an inestimable dimension to life with our guys."
- Marilyn Roth, MA
Steve, rabbit: "Lauren's animal communication skills have been my lifeline to connecting with my rabbits when I need to understand, completely, what their wishes are in a particular situation or how they are feeling, physically. Lauren was especially helpful to me in communicating with my rabbit Steve, when he first became ill three years ago. Through Lauren, Steve was able to let us know what he was feeling and if treatment was helping him. My vet was able to tailor his treatment program for Steve, based on the information he gave us through Lauren. And, when the time came to give Steve the choice to stay on this earth or take his leave, Lauren was there to help us again. Having her communication skills to rely upon has given my animal companions the ability to express their personal wishes and to have a 'choice' in the course of their lives. I'm so blessed to be able to give my animals that choice."
- Judith Pierce, CA
Scotti, horse: "Thank you so much! Yes, Scotti is a very nice horse and I'm thrilled with the communication you got. It is really helpful. What is a bit spooky is that his worrying over his leg exactly mirrors my worrying over his leg, even the wording (want to be fit and healthy again) is the same. The ideas for treatment (heat and cold) are very helpful! THANK YOU, it meant really a lot for me."
- Brigid Weinzinger, Austria
Casper, female German Shepherd mix: "I wanted to let you know that since you talked to Casper she has stopped shaking when I put the collar & leash on to go for our walks. I don't know what you told her but it worked. I feel more at ease with her and not so worried about what's going on with her. I feel like our relationship is so much better now that I know where she's coming from and why she's so nervous."
- Chris Mercer, Portland, OR
Jesse, dog: "Jesse is doing well, much better than after the last knee surgery. I feel because you talked to her she did so well. No whining at all. Before you talked to her, Jesse was very very aggressive at the vet. When I walked in this time she was not shaking and they never had to muzzle her! Isn't this amazing! So everybody was happy! So thanks so much again!"
- Kirsten Henry, Santa Fe, NM
Tippy, female cat: "Tippy hadn't been eating properly but we couldn't see anything obviously wrong with her. We asked Lauren to speak with her. Tippy told Lauren that she had pain on the right side of her jaw. We immediately took her to the vet and he found a tumor in her mouth on the right side of her jaw!"
- Bunty Dunford, Bath, England

What people are saying about Animal Communication Workshops with Lauren McCall

Weekend Workshop: "I wanted to write you to thank you for what I consider a spiritual experience. I really didn't expect to get so much from your workshop -- I was just curious. But I learned that I can really do some communication already, and that I can get much better with it with time and practice. Whatever happens, last weekend was an experience which will change the rest of my life--I know that. I am very grateful for your sharing your knowledge and encouragement."
- Jane Patrick, Quebec, Canada
Weekend Workshop and CDs: "How do you tell someone that they have truly made a huge impact on their life? I absolutely LOVED Lauren's seminar more than any other experience I have ever had. I love that Lauren offers her CD's so that we are never left alone without the tools we need to get back on track if necessary. I feel her training technique is a lot of fun so it made learning how to communicate with animals a real joy!"
- Karen Connors, WA
Weekend Workshop: "This weekend workshop opened a whole new world to me and I treasure what I learned. Lauren is an excellent teacher and guide and I recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to understand their animal companion on a deeper level. You won't regret it."
- Susan Sokol Blosser, OR
Weekend Workshop: "Hello everyone from Ft Lauderdale where we just had an amazing weekend with Lauren! The workshop was incredible and we didn't want it to ever stop. The communications done by the group this past weekend in Florida came up with so much valid information for each other that we were in awe of the whole process -- and Lauren. Of course minds would jump in and say, 'Hey, where'd that come from?' and cause us to question our insight. How wonderful to learn to bypass the mind and go to The Heart Space that is everyone and everything everywhere."
- Nancy Slakoff, FL

Losing a Loved Animal Workshop: (click on image to see larger view)

Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc.Dear Lauren,

On behalf of all our Bone Cancer Dogs members who attended your wonderful workshop, I would like to extend a very sincere thank-you for helping us understand how animals view the cycle of life and the transition to other journeys.

We found your seminar very interesting and stimulating. It gave many of us some things to ponder, and helped us accept our losses by seeing them in a new light. I personally found it very comforting to know that our loved ones find peace on their new journeys.

For those members whose dogs are still with us, they may have found some comfort knowing that when the time comes, their pets will be ready.

Thank you again for everything. It was a very emotional but rewarding day.

With sincere regards,

Ana M. Cilursu
Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc.