Sponsoring Workshops

These workshops are an opportunity for individuals to experience the basics of animal communication in a fun and interactive small group environment. Informative handouts are provided and questions are encouraged. 

Workshop: The workshops are two full days, 9:30-5. Maximum number of participants will vary according to the size of the room. A good rule of thumb would be 10-14 (10 is usually my minimum). Except for animals that may be living at the venue, I ask that people attend without their animals unless cleared with me in advance. Having animals in the group can be very distracting to participants. There will be several exercises where people will be working with each other and will want to interact without having to keep an eye on their animals. It is also useful to explain to people that they will be working with photographs of other people’s animals much of the time. With telepathy, distance is no barrier, in fact the vast majority of professional communicators have clients distant from themselves and work with photographs. I will be asking people to work with other people’s animals rather than their own so that they can get external validation for their communications. It’s hard when you are talking to your own animal to know whether you are communicating accurately with the animal or whether you are talking with yourself! External validation builds confidence and accuracy. Remember to ask people to bring photos of their animal(s).

Cost: I will discuss with you what to charge individuals for the workshop. It will vary a little depending on your area. Prices generally range from $185-$200 each for the two days. (Naturally, you will be attending for free!) Requiring that a deposit or full payment be made by participants in advance is essential to guaranteeing people actually turn up. 

An additional day of private work may be scheduled at $100-$115 per hour. Please discuss this possibility with me if you are interested.

Money stuff & Deposit: Participant fees should be paid to me by the end of the second day of the workshop. In order for me to book dates for your workshop, I will be asking you to give me a non-refundable $200 deposit. This deposit will be deducted from the participants’ fees you give to me at the conclusion of the workshop. We will discuss who is responsible for my travel, food and lodging expenses on a case by case basis (costs vary depending on whether I can drive to your location or need to fly, where I am staying, etc.).

What You Need: A suitable venue that will comfortably accommodate 12-15 people. Your home or the home of a friend is perfect provided that it is quiet and has comfortable seating for everyone. It would be ideal for you to have your own animal(s) in the house for people to communicate with. 

I will also need a CD player for one of our mediations. I will also have some of my materials available for sale. Please have a small table available for these things to be displayed.

Other Details: Name tags visible at a distance are very helpful. People will also need to know what their options are for lunch (i.e., bring their own or purchase a lunch that you have provided, or go to a near-by restaurant). You may also want to include lunch in the price of the workshop. It is also nice to have hot and/or cold drinks and possibly muffins or fruit for people as they gather in the morning. This can be complimentary or done as a concession. Asking people to arrive 30 minutes early for registration will help us start on time.

Publicity: I will put your workshop on The Integrated Animal web site and list it in the latest edition of our newsletter. I will also direct any workshop enquiries coming from your area directly to you. I can also provide you with a master for a publicity flyer that you can distribute to vet offices, animal food and supply stores, dog or cat clubs, and so on. It is essential that you plan ahead of time and start publicizing your workshop at least 3 months ahead of time. As I am responsible for covering all of my travel expenses, I will require a minimum number of people according to my level of expenses.

My goal with these workshops is to provide a positive, supportive learning environment that is informal, fun and flexible. Please feel free to discuss any questions you may have with me.