Animal Communication

Is this for real?

Lauren and WolfieThe short answer is 'yes'. As odd as it may sound I can 'talk' to your animal. I normally get words, pictures, feelings and sometimes sensations. I have detailed dialogues with animals that I write down word for word as I am communicating with an animal.

I think that one of the most wonderful things about animal communication is that it allows us to have a very real insight into the world of animals. Being able to communicate with them directly enables us to understand them better as individuals, their wants, needs, dreams and aspirations. It also empowers our companion animals to make choices in their lives that they ordinarily might not be able to make. Even something as simple as ‘would you like to come to work with me, or would you rather stay at home by yourself’ is a huge opportunity to allow an animal individual choice.

Telepathic animal communication is great for helping with the bumps in the road that life can throw up at you and your animal friends, but the deeper, longer term benefit is an enrichment of your relationship built on mutual understanding and respect.

Mission Statement

To support the health and well-being of animals and people through better understanding, communication and proven effective techniques.

Choosing a communicator

Working with a communicator is a very personal experience. We are all different, have different areas of interest, and sometimes even different philosophies about how we go about things. You can learn a lot about someone from their web site, or personal referrals. Take your time, look around, and try to find someone with whom you feel you have a rapport. I generally have long lasting relationships with my clients and their animals and keep detailed notes and case histories. Each communication is treated with the utmost confidentially, and respect.

From a client: “Truth is, whenever I've told people about you, Lauren, I always mention that you have every bit as much compassion for us, as you do for our precious pets. That's a definite unique quality in you that I've not found in any other communicator that I've used over the years. To me, that means a lot.”
Karen Connors, WA

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